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Helping Children Explore Their Interests and Talents


Providing Youth Opportunities That are Pursuing Higher Learning in the Arts


Bringing Food and Other Essential Needs to Children, Both Locally and Globally


Helping Children in Need Internationally with Books and Other Essentials.

Our Mission


The mission of the Caulder Lamm Alliance is to provide assistance to children and youths from impoverished families in the United States and internationally. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2009 in Southern California.

  • Clothing
  • Nourishing Meals
  • Shelter
  • School Supplies
  • Arts and Sports related activities assistance
  • Higher Learning Scholarships for the Arts
  • Other Emergency needs as determined

Our Story


The “Lamm” in our nonprofit’s name is from Manuel J. Lamm who passed away in 1998 from a hiking accident. He is the son of Founder/CEO Mary Gimenez-Caulder and the late David Lamm. In part, our nonprofit was created to honor Manuel and his love of the Arts. Deemed “gifted” by the State of California, he was also a talented artist and poet and would often recite his poetry with other students at local coffee shops. Thanks to an art scholarship, Manuel was able to pursue his talents in art and literature.

Caulder Lamm Alliance for Children will continue Manuel’s legacy by providing scholarships in the Arts to talented high school students.

Our Programs


The Caulder Lamm Alliance for Children has several programs that assist children and youth in need:

Beyond Bounds

Our Beyond Bounds program provides funds to children in grades K–12 who are interested in or who already participate in an extra-curricular activity and whose families have financial difficulty paying the fees or costs associated with the activity.

Manuel Jackson Lamm Scholarship for the Arts Award

The Caulder Lamm Alliance for Children provides educational scholarships to high school seniors that are pursuing higher learning in the arts. The scholarship award is known as the Manuel Jackson Lamm Scholarship Award.

Mission Fund

Our Mission Fund assists children and teens in need both locally and globally. Assistance has included books, clothing, groceries, and other emergency needs. Toy drives are conducted during the Holiday season.

How You Can Help


There are many ways that you can help us help a child in need. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Remember – every little bit makes a difference in a child’s life. Please contact us today!

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