Manuel Jackson Lamm Scholarship for the Arts Award Guidelines

The Caulder Lamm Alliance for Children (CLA) will provide educational scholarships to high school seniors that are pursuing higher learning in the arts. We will not provide fellowships or loans. The scholarship award will be known as the Manuel Jackson Lamm Scholarship Award.

Initially, we will provide one educational scholarship each year toward higher learning in either fine arts or literature (includes poetry). Pending the availability of funds, CLA will expand the scholarships up to five (5) awarded each year. And, will consider expanding the program to include those pursuing higher learning in dance, music, and the theater.

Individual scholarship awards will be $1500.

A. Schools Chosen:

Initially, we will begin our program at San Pedro High School. We will meet with the principal, instructors, and/or financial counselor each year to obtain the names of students in need that wish to pursue education in the arts. Solicitation will be made directly with the school. We will not have a formal announcement other than correspondence.

B. How will the Student be selected:

The potential high school senior/s in need will write an essay as to why they want to pursue the arts, what school they wish to attend, and their career goals after graduating from college. The student will also provide a sample of their work. In the final selection process, the CLA Board of Directors reserves the option to interview the student and their parent/s.

CLA will maintain a file on each recipient awarded the Manuel Jackson Lamm Scholarship Award.

C. Specific criteria used to determine who is eligible for your program:
The high school senior must be interested in pursuing the arts and low-income. We will work closely with the high school and based on this criteria, the school will provide students eligible following the guidelines detailed in Section B.

The recipient must be a graduating high school senior from an impoverished family. The school guidance (or financial) counselor will verify financial need.

The student must:

  • Have a B grade average (cumulative). However, each applicant will be evaluated on a case by case basis, we will not turn away talented students if they do not have a B grade average.
  • Want to pursue higher learning in the arts
  • Must write an essay as to why they want to pursue the arts
  • Identify the school they wish to attend
  • Identify their career goals after graduating from college
  • Provide a sample of their work


D. Number of grants awarded each year:

Initially one scholarship will be awarded annually for those pursuing higher learning in fine arts or literature (includes poetry). Funding permitting, future plans include expanding the scholarship awards to five (5) each year and expanding the program to include those pursuing higher learning in dance, music, and the theater.

E. Funding Availability:

Initially, we will grant one scholarship annually at $1500. Funding permitting, CLA will expand to distribute up to five (5) scholarship awards each year. Each individual scholarship award will be $1500.

F. Scholarship Renewal:

Priority will be given to new applicants. However, funding permitting, CLA may grant a renewal to a former recipient in need.

To qualify for a renewal, the arts student must provide confirmation of continued financial need, provide transcripts of grades, and recommendation letters from one or more instructors, in particular their arts instructors. We may also require a meeting with the student’s parent/s, their instructor/s, and financial counselor.

G. Supervising and follow-up of the Scholarship Award:

We will require the recipient to demonstrate proof of school enrollment and the curriculum prior to issuing the scholarship, which will be directly provided to the student. The student must be pursuing education in the arts, i.e. fine arts, literature (includes poetry), etc.

The Manuel Jackson Lamm Scholarship Award will assist with books, supplies, housing and other needs for the student. During the school year, we may require other criteria, such as review of transcripts and recommendation letters to determine the success of our recipients and the results of our scholarship/s. The scholarship award may also be distributed in allotments during the school year rather than a lump sum.

H. Selection Committee:

The full Board of Directors of the Caulder Lamm Alliance for Children, Inc. will be the selection committee.

Adopted May 2010