Guidelines for Beyond Bounds

The Caulder Lamm Alliance for Children (CLA) will provide funding to children in grades K–12 who are interested in or who already participate in an extra-curricular activity and whose families have financial difficulty paying the fees or costs associated with the activity.

Once funding is determined, the CLA Board of Directors will determine the number of Beyond Bounds awards to be funded each year.

Individual funding for the extra-curricular activity can be any amount up to $100.

A. What Constitutes an Extra-Curricular Activity?

Extra-Curricular activities may include, but are not limited to: Sports, Dance, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Music, Art, Theater, Academic Tutoring, and After School Clubs. The referring organization and/or family in need may contact CLA to determine if their program qualifies.

B. How will Recipients be selected?

Organizations (which can include a school, community organization, nonprofit organization, dance studio, baseball team, theater group, art school, etc.) will indentify the child/youth needing assistance to CLA. Parents or guardians must complete an application for the Beyond Bounds program. Funding availability will determine the number of children that will be assisted by CLA. After the completed application is submitted to CLA, the Board will review the applications and select recipients.

C. Specific criteria used to determine who is eligible for your program:

The student applying must be interested in or already participating in an extra-curricular activity and have financial need to begin or continue participation.

Organizations will advise CLA of a child or youth who needs assistance associated with extra curricular activities. Verification of income and financial need is the responsibility of the referring organization. CLA reserves the right to request proof of household size and annual income from the referring organization if needed. Based on this criteria, students and their parents/guardians must complete an application to be considered for funding. Funding permitting, the Caulder Lamm Alliance for Children may provide assistance to two children from the same family.

The recipient must:

  • Be a student entering grades K-12
  • Be from a low-income or homeless family
  • Intend to participate in an extra-curricular activity
  • Have a parent or guardian complete an application in its entirety providing the following information:
    • full name and basic contact information
    • student’s full name, grade, and school
    • the name of the program in which they wish to participate
    • the cost of the program
    • the name of a program contact
    • students in grades 6–12 must also provide a copy of their last report card
    • how they heard about the Beyond Bounds program
    • signature testifying to truth and accuracy of all information provided
    • sign a statement of their intention and commitment to the program in which they are wishing to participate

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

It is required for children in grades 6–12 to provide their grade point average and a copy of their last report card. However, grades will not necessarily determine eligibility.

Recipients will be determined based on financial need and the student’s commitment and motivation to participation in the extra-curricular activity for the duration of the program.

D. Funding Distribution:

Once recipients have been notified, a check will be made directly to the referring organization providing the extra-curricular activity. CLA will not provide funds directly to the recipients. Beyond Bounds recipients are responsible for filling out any registration forms or other forms required by the organization or program in which they are participating.

E. Follow Up with Beyond Bounds Recipients:

Funding will be awarded in the form of a check to the referring organization along with a brief outline of follow-up information. Six months after funding is provided, CLA requests that the referring organization provide a follow-up report as to the outcome of the award and the progress of the recipient.

F. Renewal:

Once funding is awarded, the recipient may not apply again for 12 months.

G. Selection Committee:

The full Board of Directors of the Caulder Lamm Alliance for Children, Inc. will be the selection committee.

Adopted May 2010 * Revised September 2010