About Manuel J. Lamm


The “Lamm” in our nonprofit’s name is from Manuel J. Lamm who passed away in 1998 from a hiking accident. He is the son of Founder/CEO Mary Gimenez-Caulder and the late David Lamm. In part, our nonprofit was created to honor Manuel and his love of the Arts. Deemed “gifted” by the State of California, he was also a talented artist and poet and would often recite his poetry with other students at local coffee shops. Thanks to an art scholarship, Manuel was able to pursue his talents in art and literature.

Early on as a little boy, Manuel displayed artistic talent by drawing Sesame Street and cartoon characters freehand. As a teenager, Manuel also expressed compassion for those who are developmentally challenged and volunteered at a local school teaching computer skills to autistic and Down Syndrome students. While attending college, Manuel took sign language courses so that he could also teach the hearing impaired. At that time, he took the nickname “Leaf” which depicted his gentle spirit.

Manuel loved nature and was an avid hiker, hiking the Grand Canyon and the Appalachian Trail. He had aspirations to obtain his Master’s degree and teach literature and did well in school until his passing at the age of 25. Manuel was a kind and peaceful person and is missed by all who knew him.

Caulder Lamm Alliance for Children will continue Manuel’s legacy by providing scholarships in the Arts to talented high school students.